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Name: juilder
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Ort: New-York
Verschickt: 25.11.2022 13:05:31

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Name: Robertupsek
E-Mail: morozovasimona98@inbox.ru
Ort: Ennis
Verschickt: 25.11.2022 8:13:24

Addressing the UN General Assembly on Wednesday, US President Joe Biden accused Russia of imperialism and seeking to erase Ukraine as a state, while insisting the US does not seek conflict, only cooperation. Biden also endorsed expanding the UN Security Council and limiting veto powers for its permanent members.

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Name: Lamarordek
E-Mail: velazquezblake1978410@bk.ru
Ort: Saint George
Verschickt: 25.11.2022 8:13:23

Biden accused Russia of “pumping out lies” about the cause of food shortages, insisting that the sanctions imposed by the US and its allies “explicitly” allows Moscow to export food and fertilizer without limitation. The Russian Foreign Ministry has pointed out that the West has sanctioned all Russian shipping and blocked insurance, effectively blocking the cargo from reaching its destination.
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Name: jannakf1
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Verschickt: 24.11.2022 18:13:18

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